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What’s augur|arte?

This site is developed and authored by Miquel Lopez. A digital place for me to post articles, tutorials, and comments on subjects that are interesting and useful to me and, hopefully, to other web professionals, both developers and designers. Most articles on this site are related to web development, standards, accessibility, or usability in one way or another, to my professional life as developer and project manager, to eGovernment, eLearning and eSociety with the occasional articles on other subjects of my everyday life.

augurarte is an ongoing experiment in communication design. Since I began publishing online in 2002s, my personal site has always served as a testing ground for new material. It has gone from text-only, to HTML and now to XHTML/PHP/MYSQL/WP/JS/CSS. And yet, it’s somehow gotten so much simpler.

Who is Mitch?

Mitch is a Spanish young, restless, creative, serene and proactive person who think there is a better world possible and that tries to do his best to achieve it. He thinks that technology plays an interesting role in this direction and so he’s trying this digital world and all its possibilities.

Some about my recent history. For the last four plus years, I’ve been employed as creative project manager of Unimedia S.L., a research & Development company linked to a research group (LoUISE) at the University of Castilla-La Mancha (www.uclm.es) in Albacete (Spain).
My skills include project management, Web engineering, information architecture, Web standards, usability, accesibility, Flash, XHTML, DHTML, CSS, interface design. I’ve worked for a long time with public administrations, developing, deploying, managing and helping to solve public administration problems around Spain (T-Systems/gedas Iberia) and in my city Albacete (with the University of Castilla-La Mancha). Although I am employed full-time, I do accept contract work and teaching engagements from time-to-time. I love to solve problems using a rational, elegant, beauty and technological point of view.

By now, I also teach Web engineering and development in a oficial university course CEDASI “Development of Applications and Services for the Knowledge Society” sponsored by Microsoft Ibérica, the Scientific and Techological Park of Albacete/Castilla-La Mancha and SITESA (ESRI). Subjects I instruct: Web Project management and architecture, principles of Web design and information organization, Web design and layout with standards, Coldfusion programming, Microsoft’s Asp.NET/C# Web development and application of Web technologies to eGovernment processes.

Main areas of interest and work (my life spins aroud it!):

  • Web design, Web standards, accessibility and usability and user interfaces. I think we ought to facilitate people access and use of the Internet.
  • Web development; Internet is a powerful communication channel and I think there’re a lot of challenges to explore and materialize. Rapid Application Development (RAD) could help to achieve better applications and services not only for experts and technologist but everyone on the planet. There are so many things to do, since the technological point of view, in such -bad called- third world!
  • Digital style of life, improving our quality of life usign these wonderful little things the technology offers us. Blogging, sharing knowledge, experiences, jokes… Collaborative and cooperative environments, people interaction and human relationships.
  • eGovernment, eAdministration, eDemocracy; all new knowledge society put into the service of citizens and people like you and me, improving quality of life in our cities and towns and deploying better and more quality services. Internet access and managing and new ways of citizen participation in local/regional administration are some of the features I’ve tried to support and provide with tools and solutions.
  • eLearning / eEducation; this is the vehicle that allows us making true every human being can learn and grow up using other new educational models and procedures based on people, technology, standards, specifications and the Internet.

So now it’s time to decide what you want to do here:

  • If you are thinking of commissioning me for design, consulting or technology work… please click on over to this contact form and let me know what you have in mind, and if possible, what sort of budget and timeline you’re dealing with.
  • If you want to check my availability for a speaking engagement or press interview… please shoot me the details and I’ll try and respond as soon as possible.
  • If you just want to drop me a line… please use this form. Sometimes I return mail in hours… other times, weeks.

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